Constant Listener: Game Of Our Lives provides an incredible level of insight into the political, economic, social, and cultural movements afoot in the world's game.

It might be a stretch, but one feels that the show excels in part because a number of the elements that made Anthony Bourdain's travelogue television shows so successful are replicated in it as well: an irreverent, convivial, and knowledgable host with an open mind and a desire to understand each culture from the people who live it day-to-day. Just swap food for soccer and you there you go. 

Game Of Our LIves' second season has just launched last week and it will be exclusively focused on the World Cup, breaking down the history of the tournament, the stories behind the cities it will be played in, and even breakdowns of which matches new viewers might want to focus on and why. Along with that, there's sure to be plenty of insight, banter, and Goldblatt's electric personality, making it an ideal companion for this tournament. 

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Jordan Bailey