Cheddar TV: Al Jazeera's Watchable Podcast

Al Jazeera's Watchable Podcast

November 28, 2017

Over 112 million Americans say they've listened to a podcast in 2017. The figure is 11% higher than in 2016, and with good reason; last year's presidential election inspired a wave of political shows to hit the airwaves. "Closer Than They Appear" is the latest podcast to tackle the big issues. It's the debut show from Al Jazeera's new audio-first network, Jetty. Executive Producer Julie Caine joins us to discuss the new project.

She tells us all about the new show, which is hosted by writer Carvell Wallace. It examines the divisions facing the country one year after the polarizing 2016 presidential elections. Caine discusses one of the early memorable episodes, which features Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali.

Caine also explains how the podcast incorporates visual elements. It's one of the first podcasts to partner with Facebook Watch, using video and photos to enrich the listening experience. Finally, we get a look ahead at what's to come at Jetty."

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