Jetty Releases Season Two of Game of Our Lives

Season 2 will air on June 8th and include 2018 FIFA World Cup recaps  

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2018 –- Jetty, Al Jazeera Media Network’s new audio-first studio, today launched season two of Game of Our Lives, a podcast about understanding the world through its most popular sport: football (or, for US audiences, soccer). Season 2 launches June 8, one week before the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Episodes will air weekly, moving to twice a week during the World Cup competition to stay responsive to the action on and off the pitch.

Game of Our Lives is hosted by David Goldblatt, football sociologist and bestselling author of The Ball is Round, the definitive history of the beautiful game. He’s joined by his friend Tony Karon, journalist, avowed football fanatic, former anti-apartheid activist, and editorial lead for AJ+. Together they break down the action, the agony and the joy of the competition, and connect it to larger political, cultural, and historical questions. Also on mic is producer Raja Shah, a wry and curious but more casual fan. In their wide-ranging, lively conversations, these three can tell you exactly why it’s amazing that fans halfway across the world are singing a particular chant and what it means that a country’s team is comprised almost completely of immigrants—all while revelling in the beauty of a perfect goal.

Each 20- to 30-minute episode kicks off with the hosts talking about the most important highlights from the games of the previous few days, paired with interviews with high-profile World Cup figures and fans, sound-designed essays about the world as seen through the lens of the global game, and audio postcards from the sidelines, the stands, and the stadiums. Each episode wraps with a ‘What to Watch’ segment, where the hosts look ahead to what’s coming next in the World Cup—a guide to the games for both fanatics and the uninitiated.

“The World Cup is singularly the most important global moment,” said David Goldblatt, host of Game of Our Lives. “It’s storytelling and global public theater. I am looking forward to following all of the characters, the plots, the subplots, the triumphs, the victories, and the disasters.”

“That's why the 2018 World Cup will be viewed by almost half of the world's total population,” said co-host Tony Karon, editorial lead for AJ+. “Our show seeks to explore why they're watching, and what they're seeing, celebrating and mourning. Want to watch the World Cup with an exquisitely well-informed guide to its many meanings? Watch it with David Goldblatt, like I plan to do!”

Game of Our Lives builds on the global audience of curious football fans who loved the show in season one. The podcast will be integrated across the Al Jazeera media network, tied in with coverage of the World Cup on, short animated segments on AJ+ and AJE social channels, and guest appearances by journalists and commentators from the Al Jazeera English television channel. Season 2 of Game of Our Lives is available for download and streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast services, as well as Facebook Watch, starting Friday, June 8. The podcast is also available for listening on Facebook and

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